Juuling: What Parents Should Know

As we aim to keep Salem Central a positive and health-oriented environment, we would like all parents and guardians to stay up-to-date with teen trends that negatively affect student health. One trend rising in popularity is the “Juul” E-cigarette. We are currently in the process of meeting with every grade level in the Jr./Sr.High School to review and have a discussion about Juuling and the consequences to student health, as well as the student handbook consequences, should a student be caught using these e-cigarettes in school. “Juul” E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that commonly resemble a flash-drive and heats up liquid nicotine to generate an aerosol that users inhale. Because using this device is referred to as Juuling, not smoking or vaping, some students may think what they’re doing is harmless. However, one Juul "pod," the nicotine cartridge inserted into the smoking device and heated, delivers about 200 puffs, about as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes, according to the product website.

Students find smoking e-cigarettes to be more discreet and easier to get away with smoking than traditional cigarettes. The access is too easy, the draw is too great, and the push through advertising is too significant. Please take a look at the following powerpoint to learn more about what Juuling is and ways to spot and prevent usage.

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