Economics Syllabus


Mr. Groark


Grading Policy:

  • Every assignment, quiz, test, project, or assessment packet is given a maximum point value. Your grade is computed by adding up all the points you have earned by the end of the marking period, and dividing that number by the cumulative maximum point value for that marking period.

  • Any typed assignment must be typed in size 12 Times New Roman

  • Class Participation is an extremely important part of this class. Each quarter you will be given a class participation grade. Participation means contributing to class discussions, working during group work, as well as being attentive and prepared.

  • Turning in work that has been plagiarized or completed by someone else will result in the failure of that assignment and possibly failure of the course. Subsequently, providing someone else with your work to copy is also considered cheating and would result in the same consequence.

  • Grade will be calculated using the following formula

Class work / Homework = 25%

Quizzes = 25%

Tests =   50%

1ST half of class will cover chapters 1 – 5 and create a resume

2nd half of course will cover chapters 6 – 8, 10, 11 and include a final project

The final project will count as your final for this class!!


3 ring binder with tabbed dividers and loose-leaf paper

Pen or Pencil (all homework must be done in BLUE or BLACK ink only)

Textbook: Prentice Hall, ECONOMICS, Principles in Action, 2003



1. Attendance:

  • Attendance is very important to student success in this course since part of your grade will include class participation and class work. Much of this class includes discussions, videos and news clips which you will be responsible for.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me right away in order to obtain missed work.

  • All work for known absences must be turned in the day the student returns to class

  • Students will receive one day for each absent to make up work.

  • Tests and quizzes are to be taken by the end of the day you return. Failure to show up for a make up exam will result in a grade of zero.

  1. Tardiness:

         Students are expected to be in class on time. This means in the classroom before the bell               rings. If this becomes an issue it will be dealt with on an as need be basis.

  1. Homework:

  • Homework will be assigned. Homework is not busy work. It is designed for you to either acquire background knowledge for the next days lesson, or to have you do some activity that will sharpen your study skills.

  • Late work: All assignments/projects will be considered late if not handed in at the beginning of class. Late work will lose ½ credit. At the end of each unit any work not handed in will receive a grade of zero.

  • If you are absent write ABSENT on the top of your work or it will be marked late!

  1. Classroom Behavior

  • All students in the class are expected to treat others with respect!

  • Classroom behavior is not to interfere with the learning process of other students. If a student’s behavior is not appropriate for the classroom, he/she will be asked to leave. If this becomes a consistent problem, parents will be notified along with student detentions.

  • Students should raise their hand and wait to be called upon

  • Everyone will read out loud and participate in the class

  1. This course is required for graduation.  Do not put yourself in a position of not graduating because you failed to do the required work to pass Economics 12.  This course is not offered in summer school.

  2. Senior Skip Day – There will be a test on senior skip day should the seniors decide to do this.  There is no excuse for skipping this day and the test will not be make up or available again.  If you skip it is a 0 for a test grade.

  3. Additional Help:

  • If you need assistance with class work, projects, homework, etc, please see me. If I am not aware of a problem, I am unable to help! I will be available during my study hall and after school with appointments. Do not hesitate to come to me for help, or with questions or problems that you have.


Current Events

This project will count as an EXAM GRADE for both the 3rd and 4th quarter!  You can pick and choose when you hand in these articles. However, I strongly advise you to not wait until the last minute!  I recommend that you try to pick articles that go along with what we are discussing in class.  If you miss a week, there are many topics which can either count as extra credit or be used for a missed week.  You will need at least five done by the end of the 3rd quarter. Articles must be current – a year old or newer.

Simply put, you complete 5 articles for 3rd quarter, 5 articles for the 4th quarter, and you will have a total of 10 completed articles by the end of the semester. Each article must be of a different topic. For example, you can’t do 3 articles on WalMart or 5 articles on the debt crisis.


________ 5 out of 5 for 50%.       3rd Quarter    (remember extra credit)

________10 out of 10 for 100%   4th Quarter     (remember extra credit)


You MUST turn in a copy of the actual news article with the summary! NO exceptions !


  1. Walmart Find an article which deals with Walmart and discuss what effect the company is having on the economy or you. Does this affect your town, city, state?

  2. Stock Market: Find an article that deals with the stock market and how it is affecting the economy.

  3. School budget spending: Are schools cutting too much?  Is your education being affected by the lack of money for schools?

  4. Credit Cards: Find an article which deals with credit cards, and or personal credit debt.

  5. Mortgages: Examine an article which deals with the recent mortgage crisis.  Is this a state wide issue or nation wide issue?

  6. Cost of College: Find an article which deals with the cost of college.  Do you think that college is too expensive for the average student?   Explain how this may affect you in the very near future.

  7. National Debt: Has the national debt grown into an unmanageable number?  Can it ever be brought under control?

  8. Wall Street: Find an article which deals with Wall Street.

  9. International Banking: Find an article that looks at international banking.  How is the world connected financially? Hint: the economic crises in Greece, Ireland, and Spain.

  10. NYS and the current budget situation: Examine an article which deals with the state budget for this year. Is there a problem? What would you do to fix this problem?

  11. Banking: Find an article which deals with Banking

  12. Bill Gates: Who is Bill Gates and why is he so important?

  13. Social Security: Will this eventually run out?  Will social security be around when you need it?

  14. Privatization: Explain this and how it is affecting our country

  15. Labor Unions: What are the trends of labor unions in America today?

  16. National Health Care: Is this a good financial move for the United States

  17. Other Economies: Find an article on another form of economy. How does that economy work according to the article.

  18. Economic Cycles: Find an article on the cycles of the economy.  According to the article where is the U.S. economy headed?

  19. Supply and Demand: Explain how price is affected.  What part does supply have on the price or vice versa, how does demand have an affect on price?

  20. Scarcity: Find an article on scarcity and explain how price is affected.  What are the market forces that have an effect on the product scarcity?

  21. GDP: Define GDP, what does it measure?  According to the article how sound is the United States economy?


Be prepared to present. Somebody will present every Friday in class and share what they have discovered and learned.


Keep track of your grade below:

































*Please note it is the student’s responsibility to hand in and hold onto all assignments and graded work.  If there is ever a discrepancy over a grade it can be quickly resolved.  If the student does not have an assignment in question but claims it was graded it is a 0.  There is absolutely no excuse for current events not being handed in on time.  They are due at the beginning of the period they are assigned to be finished – absolutely no excuses, parent notes, phone calls or any other reasons.  This assignment is given on the first day of class with weeks to complete.  If there is concern about completion do it all in the first two weeks of the course.

The final project is mandatory.  Failure to complete the final project will result in failure of the course.



Parents / students by signing this you agree you have read and understand the syllabus.  This will be kept on file for the remainder of the school year.  Thank you for taking the time to be involved with your child’s education.  I look forward to a great economics class.                     


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