Math 7

Currently ALL Work and assignments are being posted on Google Classroom. 
Below you will find the plan for Math 7 this week. 

Homework can be downloaded from folders below.

May 26th - 29th

Safe Social Distance Learning Week#11
Mon Memorial Day

Tues Review HW Unit 10 Day7
Wed-Thur Quiz Unit 10  

Thur 12:30PM and 1:30PM  Final Live Meeting of the year:  Please try to attend. (Many of your 7th grade teachers will attend.)
Fri Quiz corrections Unit 10.
If your are all caught up with your work and you are passing, Friday 5/29 will be the last day of Math 7.  If you owe work, or if you must still complete corrections, you will have 2 more weeks to complete your work and bring your grade to passing.

Unit 10
Area of

Triangles & Trapezoids

Quadrilaterals and polygons

Surface Area

Find area of each side.  Add the area of the surfaces together.


Find the Area of the Base, multiply by the height.

V = B x h