Math 7

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November 12th - 15th

Mon Veterans Day   
Tues Unit B Day 13 (Snow Day)
  Test Unit B Wednesday
Wed Unit 2 Day 0 Unit B Day 13

Test Unit B Thursday
Per1 Thur
 Unit 2 Day 0
Per5 Thur No Class
Per1 Fri Unit 2 Day 4 Test Unit B Friday
 Unit 2 Day 0


Unit B: Arithmetic with Rational  Numbers

Order of Operations

We can break Order of Operations if we use one of the properties of real numbers.

Commutative Property

Associative Property

Substitution of Equals

Distributive Property

We can add, subtract, multiply, or divide any positive or negative fraction or decimal.

Application of arithmetic to real-world problems.
Including Area and Perimeter of parallelograms, triangles and circles.
Link to notes for UnitB

Unit 2:  Expressions and Equations

Combining Like Terms

4x + 2x  6x

Combining Like Terms, re-write subtraction,
add the "opposite"

7 - 5x + 2x

7 + -5x + 2x  7 + -3x

Writing Expressions

5 more than a twice a number (n)

5 + 2n

Use the distributive property / Combine Like Terms

5 + 2(N + 4)  5 + 2N + 8  13 + 2N


3x+12 = 3(x+4)