Math 7

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September 16th - 20th

Do you owe Redo Unit1 Day 2 or any other work?
Hw Unit 1 Day 7 Exercises  
Tues Hw Unit A Day 3 Exercises
Wed Hw Unit 1 Day 8 Exercises   
Thur Hw Unit 1 Day 9 Exercises
Fri Hw Friday Short #3

Unit 1: Proportional Relationships

 Some situations can be modeled by proportions.  If you can type 50 words in 2 minutes.  You might be able to type 100 words in 4 minutes.


Some situations are not proportional.  If it takes 5 people 2 days to paint a house.  Will it take 10 people 4 days to paint the same house?

we will study

Proportional Relationships

in Tables, in Graphs, and in Equations