AP Calculus

Currently ALL Work and assignments are being posted on Google Classroom. 
Below you will find the plan for AP Calc for this week.

March 23rd - 27th

Safe Social Distance Learning Week#2
Mon p559 #29,30,31  & AP Classroom DE hw#1
Tues  AP Classroom U7 Progress Check: MCQ
Wed Test DE
    Retake Test on Volume this week.
Thur Unit 1 Progress Check: MCQ Part A
Fri 2002B #2,4,6
    Complete Test Corrections U10 DE

Unit 10 Differential Equations

Substitute to check if a solution works.

Use slope fields to understand solutions

Use Euler's method to approximate solutions.

Solve Differential Equations by isolating the variables.


Think 5!, 5!, 5!

Test image



2018-2019 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2017-2018 AP Calc Results - 78% earned 5's

2016-2017 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2015-2016 AP Calc Results - 60% earned 5's

AP Calculus AB
2020 Exam, Tuesday May 5th.


Parametric Equation Art 2019







Fun example I was playing with.  Using parametric equations to describe motion, a ball is thrown at a Ferris Wheel.