English I

Well done to the all the talented students who put in thought, time, and effort when creating the Romeo and Juliet project.  You are should be proud of your skill, creativity, and understanding.

Romeo and Juliet Playlist-- Autumn

Romeo and Juliet character recipe

Scene 5    .By Delaney Ingredients

.A tbls of joy

.A cup of love

.A tbls of bad news

.2 tsp of anger

.A cup of sadness

.A cup of plot twist  

.2 cups of romance

.A tsp of sorrow

First step add a cup of joy to a cup of plot twist.and get a lot of very confusing emotions add a tbls of bad news to that and after mixing that you will get death and violence add in a cup of sadness and a tsp of sorrow and you will have a very mad Romeo and a very lifeless Juliet mix it all together to get a very strong, powerful and plot twisting story.