Math 7

Currently ALL Work and assignments are being posted on Google Classroom. 
Below you will find the plan for Math 7 this week. 

Homework can be downloaded from folders below.

March 30th - April 3rd

Safe Social Distance Learning Week#3
Do you owe Redo Unit8 D4, this will help you for the Test.
Mon Daily Questions & Feedback 3-30
    Watch Video lesson, then Hw Unit8 D6b
Tues Daily Questions & Feedback 3-31
    Watch Video lesson, then Redo Hw Unit8 D6b
Wed Daily Questions & Feedback 4-01
    Watch Video lesson, then Hw Unit8 D7
Thur Daily Questions & Feedback 4-02
    Watch Video Lesson, owed work to review for Test.
Fri Video lesson
    Test Unit 8

U7 Statistics

 Use random samples to represent a whole population

 Compare two different sets of data by comparing their measures of center and their measures of variability.

Unit 8 Inequalities

Graph Inequalities

 "N is more than 2"   N > 2

"N is less than 3"  N < 3

"N is at least 4"  N > 4

"N is at most 5"  N < 5


**Remember to flip the direction of the inequality when you multiply or divide both sides by a negative number. **

Solve for X:

-2x – 3 < 7

     +3     +3

     -2x < 10  

     -2       -2

      x > -5