AP Calculus

February 11th - 15th

Are your Midterm corrections done?
Mon 8.1c #5-8
Tues Test Ch 7  (delayed till Tuesday-math conference)
Wed 8.1d # 9,10,11,12 & Fix #5,6,8 
Thur 8.1e #13,14,15a,16

Integration by Substitution

Use The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to solve definite Integrals with and without substitution.

Integration by completing the square and long division.

Estimate definite Integrals

Left and Right hand Rectangles

Trapezoid Method

Midpoint Method

 Improper Integrals

Unit 8 Volume

Volume by slicing


Think 5!, 5!, 5!


2017-2018 AP Calc Results - 78% earned 5's

2016-2017 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2015-2016 AP Calc Results - 60% earned 5's

AP Calculus AB
2019 Exam, Tuesday May 14th.