AP Calculus

November 12th - 15th

Mon Veterans Day
Tues Snow Day
4.6   #1-21
4.6b #28,29,30,32,33,34 (attempt #28 without a grapher, let me know when you used it.) 
4.7   #1-14 Notes 
Next Monday 4.7b #15,16,18-21


Unit 4 Derivative Short Cuts

The derivative of a linear function is obviously the slope of the function.

d/dx( c*g(x) ) = c*g'(x)

d/dx( h(x)+g(x) ) = h'(x)+g'(x)

Power rule

d/dx( xn ) = nxn-1


Product Rule

Quotient Rule

Chain Rule

 Derivatives of Trig Functions

Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions

Derivatives of exponential Functions

Derivatives of logarithmic Functions

Introduction of Related Rate Questions

Implicit differentiation.


Think 5!, 5!, 5!

Test image



2018-2019 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2017-2018 AP Calc Results - 78% earned 5's

2016-2017 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2015-2016 AP Calc Results - 60% earned 5's

AP Calculus AB
2020 Exam, Tuesday May 5th.


Parametric Equation Art 2019






Fun example I was playing with.  Using parametric equations to describe motion, a ball is thrown at a Ferris Wheel.