AP Calculus

January 13th - 17th

Test corrections Unit 5 due Tuesday.
6.4b #10-17  & Fix 6.2c
Rev C6 p313-314 #1-30, 44
7.1 #12-42 mult of 3  
   Test Ch 6 Thursday
Thur No Homework
7.2 #1-8 & Fix 7.1 #12-42 mult of 6

Unit 6 Antiderivatives


graphically and numerically.

Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

   Intro to Differential Equations

Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Anitderivative algebraically

You should now be able to find the antiderivative of  any of the basic functions that we studied with derivatives.

(When we put them together with the chain rule or the product rule, it gets a little harder.)


Think 5!, 5!, 5!

Test image



2018-2019 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2017-2018 AP Calc Results - 78% earned 5's

2016-2017 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2015-2016 AP Calc Results - 60% earned 5's

AP Calculus AB
2020 Exam, Tuesday May 5th.


Parametric Equation Art 2019






Fun example I was playing with.  Using parametric equations to describe motion, a ball is thrown at a Ferris Wheel.