Currently ALL Work and assignments are being posted on Google Classroom. 
Below you will find the plan for Algebra2 for this week. 

Homework can be downloaded from folders below.

March 30th - April 3rd

Safe Social Distance Learning Week#3
Mon Daily Questions & Feedback 3-30
    Hw Unit 4A-03
Tues Daily Questions & Feedback 3-31
    Hw Unit 4A-04
Wed Daily Questions & Feedback 4-01
    Hw Unit 4A-05
Thur Daily Questions & Feedback 4-02
    Hw Unit 4A-06
  Test Corrections 3D due Friday 2:25PM  Re-Test?
Fri Daily Questions & Feedback 4-03
    Hw Unit 4A-07


Conditional Probabilities and Evaluating Independence Using Two-Way Tables

Events and Venn Diagrams

Probability Rules