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December 2nd - 6th

Per6 Mon Unit 2A Day 6
Snow Day
Per8 Mon Unit 2A Day 7
Snow Day
Per6 Tues Unit 2A Day 6 Per8 No Class

Wed Unit 2A Day 7 Notes Day7
Thur Unit 2A Day 8 & Graph y = cos x  
Fri Unit 2B Day 1
   Test Unit 2A next Tuesday
Test corrections 1D due next Tuesday



Introduction to Trigonometry

Paper Plate Trig

Sin θ as a distance on the unit circle

Sin θ, Cos θ, Tan θ

Special Triangles

30-60-90 and 45-45-90

One radian is the measure of an arc equal to the radius of the arc.

Reciprocal Trig Functions

csc θ, sec θ, cot θ

Graph of the trig functions