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October 22nd - 26th 

Test Corrections Unit 1B must be completed by Wed 3:12PM to earn maximum correction points.

Mon  Per2 Unit 1C-05
 Per6 Unit 1C-06
 Tues Per2 Unit 1C-06
 Per6 Unit 1C-06b
 Wed Per2 Unit 1C-06b
 Per6 Unit 1C-07 
 Thur Per2 Unit 1C-07  Per6 Unit 1C-08
 Fri Per2 Unit 1C-08
 Per6 Unit 1C-09

Fix  "Day 4" quiz by Thursday 3:12PM
Notes 1-07


Rational Expressions

Equivalent Rational expressions

Adding/Subtracting Rational Expressions

Multiply/Divide Rational Expressions


Solve Rational Expressions

Extraneous Solutions

Solve applications with Rational Equations


Solving equations with radicals

Solving systems of linear equations

Solving systems of equations by graphing