Math Team History

Washington-Warren-Saratoga Math League 2017-18

We finished in 3rd our of 7 teams

Washington-Warren-Saratoga Math League 2016-17

We finished in the middle, 5th out of 9 teams. 

Washington-Warren-Saratoga Math League 2015-16

We finished in the middle, 5th out of 9 teams. (1 point behind 4th)

Question #3 from meet 5 of 2015-2016

The 2016 binomial factors (x-1)(x-2)(x-3) ... (x-2015)(x-2016) are multiplied

and the product is written as a polynomial P in standard form.

What is the sum of all of P's coefficients, including the constant term?

(Solution at the bottom of this page.)


Congratulations on our 2nd place finish in the 2014-15 WWSM League.  

Question #6 from meet 3 of 2014-2015

  A box contains 9 cards, numbered 1 to 9.  If 5 of the cards are chosen at random without replacement, what is the probability that exactly 2 of the cards are odd-numbered, and that these 2 cards are chosen on odd-numbered draws from the box

Congratulations on our 3rd place finish in the 2013-14 WWSM League. 

Question #4 from the first math meet of 2013-14:

1-4. A cyclist bicycled from to at 20 km/hr, returned by the same route at 30 km/hr, and

averaged km/hr for the whole journey. What is the value of x?

(Hint:  The answer is not 25 km/hr)

 2012-2013, 3rd place

2011-2012, 3rd place.

Team Picture


Math TeamTeam Picture


The Math Team won the Math League in 2010-11

2010-2011 Championship Photo

Winning Math Team


2009-2010,   3rd place finish

2008-2009,  tied for 1st place.


Question #3 from meet 5 of 2015-2016: 0

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